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Matt Miller
Vice President
Business Roundtable
Telephone: 202-496-3263
Fax: 202-466-3509

Dorothy Coleman
Vice President, Tax and Domestic Economic Policy
National Association of Manufacturers
Telephone: 202-637-3077
Fax: 202-637-3182

Catherine Schultz
Vice President, Tax Policy
National Foreign Trade Council
Telephone: 202-887-0278
Fax: 202-452-8160

Caroline Harris
Senior Director of Tax Policy and Tax Counsel
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Telephone: 202-463-5406
Fax: 202-463-5836

Facts about Deferral
U.S. tax rules significantly affect the ability of American companies to compete in foreign markets. These rules include a provision known as “deferral,” which is a key pro-competitive international tax rule for American companies. Click Here to Learn More
Did You Know?
Myth: U.S. companies operate abroad primarily in low-wage countries.
Fact: Globally engaged American companies invest primarily in the foreign markets they seek to serve. U.S. Department of Commerce data show that 70% of the production of all U.S. foreign affiliates took place in high-income foreign countries.