Promote America's Competitive Edge
Keeping PACE with America's Competition

The PACE coalition is dedicated to promoting and increasing the more than 71 million American jobs that depend on the international competitiveness of globally engaged American companies. The ability of these companies to return to hiring more American workers depends on the health and vitality of their worldwide operations. To ensure American competitiveness, PACE advocates that the United States provide a level playing field for taxation of international operations, and not act unilaterally to disadvantage U.S. companies.

Facts about Deferral
U.S. tax rules significantly affect the ability of American companies to compete in foreign markets. These rules include a provision known as “deferral,” which is a key pro-competitive international tax rule for American companies. Click Here to Learn More
Did You Know?
Myth: Deferral erodes the U.S. tax base.
Fact: Deferral supports U.S. economic competitiveness by maintaining a measure of comparability between the taxes paid by globally engaged American companies and foreign-based international companies on their foreign operations.